It’s all about trust that must not be harmed.

The gatekeeper function

Many organizations have been assigned a gatekeeper role to prevent violations of the integrity of the financial market. The Wwft, Wft, Wtt 2018 and the Sanctions Act 1977 are the most important frameworks.

Failure to properly comply with these laws and regulations not only creates legal and integrity risks, but also commercial risks. Insufficient awareness of social or cultural developments may lead to missed opportunities. AUDIT PARTNERS supports organizations in limiting these risks and the identification of opportunities.

Our added value

Our auditors are experienced specialists in integrity audits. The gatekeeper function is central to these audits. The integrity audit is carried out together with our client within their applicable frameworks and with our knowledge and experience. Ultimately everything revolves around trust that must not  be damaged. Our role is to assist you with that.

It is our aim to add value to the entire audit process and to contribute to the improvement of an organization. Ultimately, the audit activities and associated reports provide insight into the effectiveness of processes and procedures that have been established within the framework of ethical business operations.


It’s all about trust that must not be harmed.

Key questions

Do we say what we do? Do we do what we say we do? Do we do the right thing?


“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance”


“Being right doesn’t make us trustworthy, being honest makes us trustworthy.”


Our focus is on “need to have”.

Audit Partners

Raymond van Wegberg,
Frans-Willem van der Ven &
Robert-Jan van Aken


Koninginnegracht 15
2514 AB, The Hague