The audit function

The audit function

From January 2015, every trust office must appoint an auditor to supervise the organization and ethical business operations. In addition, since 2018, various organizations that are classified as financial companies/institutions have also been obliged to set up an internal audit function.

The internal auditor audits a financial institution (Wft, Wtt) or financial enterprise (Wwft) for compliance with its own procedures and with the laws and regulations. In addition, the auditor monitors the performance of the compliance function. The audit function is deemed to be independent and effective.

Our interpretation of this

AUDIT PARTNERS uses a pragmatic approach to the audit function. The auditors are clear about what can and cannot be done according to legislation and regulations. Each audit is rounded off with claer, easy to read and immediately applicable report.

Our auditors have an impact as they are able to challenge management where necessary and encourage them to strengthen internal integrity management from their independent position.

Our auditors have extensive experience in the financial sector and are used to being critical and constructive. They are members of the Institute of Internal Auditors Netherlands (IIA) and use the standards and practical tools of the IIA when conducting audit activities.

Audit Partners

Raymond van Wegberg,
Frans-Willem van der Ven &
Robert-Jan van Aken


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